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Reaching Your Healthy Lifestyle Goal PDF Print E-mail
weightlossIt is that time of year again when we all promise to shed those pounds and eat right. Instead of trying a new diet, try making a few simple changes to help you eat healthier and live a healthy lifestyle.
Exercising as a Family PDF Print E-mail
Parents who spend more time with their kids are more likely to have kids who stay out of trouble. Spending time makes memories that last a lifetime. I remember my not so athletic father following me to the park to play soccer with me. What mattered was that he cared and tried, not that he couldn’t play in the least. It also helped build exercise habits that have lasted a lifetime. Finding a way to exercise with your children will make a positive impact on their lives.
Exercise For A Healthy Heart PDF Print E-mail
Do you exercise every day? If you want to live a long, healthy life, maybe you should.

A recent study by Timothy Wessel, a physician at the University of Florida, indicates one of the strongest risk factors for developing heart disease is inactivity – even more so than being overweight. During the four-year study of 906 women, Dr. Wessel documented those who were moderately active were less likely to develop heart disease than sedentary women, no matter how much they weighed.
Yoga Classes | Finding the Right Yoga Class | Yoga School or Yoga Studios PDF Print E-mail
Yoga Class

Numerous yoga studios providing yoga classes have emerged with the increased popularity for yoga in particular over the last decade or so. Even though you can find at least half a dozen yoga studios offering yoga classes in your neighborhood, it is not easy to find the right class and right yoga instructor.

Finding the Right Yoga Classes

The best places for finding information about yoga classes are the telephone book, local newspaper, community newspapers, and ad boards at your local health food store or organic grocery store.
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